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Symi, an island of 68 square kilometers with 85 kilometers of shoreline, is part of the Dodecanese island chain,It is located in the southern Aegean about 24 nautical miles northwest of Rhodes Island and 255 nautical miles from Greece’s main port of Piraeus. It is very close to the shoreline of Asia Minor. shipbuilding and sponge-diving were substantial industries on the island and, while at their peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the population reached 22,500. Today however, its population is 2560 according to the last census in 2001
Please the accompanying photos showing some views of this beautiful island. 
Symi provides travelers with the opportunity truly to experience life à la Greque, Instead of swimming pools and themed ‘Greek’ nights’;
Symi offers picturesque and intimate beaches, often only accessible
by boat, and evenings in tavernas frequented as much by the
locals as by visitors. Whether you choose to dine out in one of the island’s many attractive eateries or to prepare a leisurely meal
yourself, you will enjoy the simple but delicious ingredients for
which Greek cuisine is famous. In Pedi Bay there is regular bus transportation provided by the Municipality of Symi; the fare is 1.50 Euro, Taxi boats run daily to any of the beaches on the island;
taxicabs are also available upon request. You can also enjoy a
pleasant walk along the road that links the Chorio with Pedi Bay. 
Pedi Bay is in the valley below Chorio, south of Yialos. Perla di Mare is on the left side of the Bay as you drive from Chorio.  There is a small super market at the Pedi Bay and two good restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood. 
Telephone numbers for taxicab service are:
1. Bus 22460 0030 6945316248
2. Bus to Panormitis 22460 71311
3.Taxi (Μr konstantinos) 030 6944105596
4. Taxi (Mr. George) 0030 6974623492
5. Taxi (Mr. Costas) 0030 6945252308
6. Taxi (Mr. Stamatis) 0030 6945226348
7. Taxi (Mr. Thanasis) 0030 6946568731
8. Taxi (Mr. Theodoris) 0030 6945273842